1.25 Inch 32mm Handlebars

Changing the handlebars on your motorbike is one of the most common things done to customise a motorbike, and can dramatically impact on appearance, comfort and the way you ride. For a Fat look, fit Fat 1.25 inch (32mm) handlebars. Most 1.25 inch bars are sleeved down to 1 inch at the grips and centre section, so you can keep your existing hand grips and risers even if you've got 1 inch handlebars fitted at the moment. If you want even fatter 1.5 inch handlebars like the ones by Tolemar you will need new 1.5 inch riser clamps, but these bars are sleeved down to 1 inch at the grips. If you ride a Harley, make sure you buy Fat handlebars designed for Harley-Davidsons with the smaller centre section or you will have a noticeable gap at your top clamp.

Don't know your Drag Bars from your Ape Hangers – here’s a quick guide: Drag Style – completely level, these bars have no rise and come in a range of widths with limited pullback. Tend to result in a lower, more aerodynamic riding position; Flyer or Beach Bars – wide and low with more pullback than Drag bars, allowing a more comfortable upright riding position; Cruiser or Dresser – as the name implies, these are made for comfort on long rides with a high degree of pullback; Ape Hangers – extend high over the level of the bike, this places the arms in a higher and wider position than with other bars; T-Bars – unlike other handlebars which have a separate riser clamp securing the bars, T-bars fit directly into the triple trees (yokes). Usually model specific. See our " Guide to Choosing Handlebars for more advice.