Ape Hanger Handlebars

Changing the handlebars on your motorbike is one of the most common things done to customise a motorbike, and can dramatically impact on appearance, comfort and the way you ride. Fitting Ape Hangers handlebars will definitely change all of these things, with a wide choice of Ape Hangers available in both 1" and 7/8" bars. The lowest height of Ape Hanger style bars is 10 inch, with 12 inch and 16 inch also commonly fitted. However Ape Hangers are available up to very, very high (18 inch or even 20 inch Apes) with a black or chrome finish available on most.

Ape Hangers – extend high over the level of the bike, this places the arms in a higher and wider position than with other bars. You can choose fully extended Apes up to 20” high, but most folk opt for 16” or lower mini ape hangers which don’t drain the blood from your fingers. When choosing this style of handlebar bear in mind that if you dramatically change the width or height of your handlebars you may need to buy longer cables (throttle, idle, clutch and brake) which will usually cost more than the handlebars themselves. See our " Guide to Choosing Handlebars for more advice.