Back End

Apologies if Back End sounds a bit rude, but we use it to refer to parts that sit behind the petrol gas tank on a motorcycle. This includes seats and saddles, solo seat springs and mounting brackets, sissybar passenger backrests, saddlebag supports, luggage racks and a variety of luggage options. For each category there is a huge choice in terms of style and price.

Le Pera, Corbin, Saddlemen, Mustang and Danny Gray are the main aftermarket seat and saddle suppliers and we have included links to their websites. Just find the motorcycle seat of your dreams, then call us with the part number for a quote. There is no point in having the best seat in world if you can’t easily mount it to your bike/trike. So check out our solo seat springs and brackets that are a vital part of the overall look of your motorcycle. Whether you're going for an old school chopper/bobber retro look or a sleek, modern finish, the springs will set this off. Choose from scissor, torsion, barrel and cylinder springs, as well as seat brackets that allow for easy mounting with a choice of weld-on or bolt-on mounts. When it comes to passenger sissybar backrests, Highway Hawk have a comprehensive range for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha cruisers, which offer fantastic styling, build quality and value for money. Luggage racks come in various shapes and sizes. Solo racks or racks designed to be fitted behind solo seats tend to be the biggest and since they rest on top of the fender, they can usually take more weight. Racks fitted behind a pillion or 2-up seat are smaller and do not have as large a load carrying capacity. Finally, you can choose a luggage rack that fits onto your passenger sissybar – these are usually manufacturer specific so they match the mounting holes on the backrest and are held in stock.