Bolt Covers

Chrome bolt covers can really make a difference to the overall appearance of your bike. Choose from chrome plugs or caps which fit into the end of allen (sockethead) bolts, or covers which fit completely over the bolt head. These are available for hexagon bolts which take a spanner or wrench, as well as allen sockethead bolts. Both imperial e.g. 1/4”, 5/16”,1/2” bolt covers and metric caps – M5, M6, M8, M10 - are available. Remember bolt covers are based on the size of the bolt, not the size of the allen key or wrench that fits them. For example a 6mm allen bolt takes a 5mm allen key, while a 8mm hexagon bolt takes a 12mm spanner.

Complete hardware bolt cover kits can also be supplied for Harley-Davidsons, in either chrome or stainless steel. This can be for a particular area like the engine, primary or transmission, or the whole bike – please contact us with the make, model and year of your bike for a quote.