Combination 2-in-1 Lights

Motorcycle rear lights which combine a brake, taillight and turn signal (indicators) in one unit, help tidy up the back end of your bike and create an overall stylish look. Normally these make use of superbright LEDs which light up different colours according to the function. Model specific combination 2-in-1 lights for selected Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki cruisers, which match the footprint of your existing OEM taillight. However if changing to LED lights for the first time, you will need to fit a relay or inline resistors. Again these are model specific depending on how many wires the original lighting relay has, usually 2 or 4 for Yamaha and Kawasaki and up to 7 wires on selected Suzuki cruisers like the C800 Intruder (C50 Boulevard).

When wiring a combination 2-in-1 rear light, follow the instructions to connect the left and right indicators so these operate on the correct sides. Use connectors to join wires (or solder these) ensuring a secure waterproof finish. Brake and tail lights will often have a plug and play connection – making them very easy to fit, otherwise follow the wiring instructions to match cable colours for brake, rear taillight (running light) and earth.