Exhaust Baffles

Exhaust baffles, decibel killers or silencers will not make a noisy bike quiet, but should help take the edge off the noise and turn it into a deeper, more pleasant tone. Useful for track days, long rides, touring or just keeping the police and neighbours happy. Remember, baffles are usually sized based on the OUTER diameter of your exhaust pipes and the baffle itself is 2-4mm smaller for a snug fit. So if you have 2” pipes, choose baffles for 2” pipes not baffles that are 2” in diameter as they won’t fit. All the baffles on our website are described based on the size of exhaust pipes they fit.

There are several types of baffle: straight drag pipe baffles in a variety of lengths (4”, 8” and 12” long); race can baffles for straight or angled pipes - useful for track days or to stop the neighbours complaining; exhaust system specific baffles produced by the manufacturer for Vance & Hines, Samson, Cobra or Harley Screamin Eagle pipes; and Fat Pipe baffles for metric cruiser exhausts. Exhaust baffle fibreglass packing can also be used to wrap around and re-pack exhaust baffles to improve noise reduction. Need more help? Click for our guide to "Reduce Noise with Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles