Horn Covers

Make your motorbike stand out from the crowd with one of the easiest custom touches - a distinctive horn cover. Choose from our wide selection of chrome and powder coated black horn covers and styles including Skull Head, Flames, Maltese Gothic Cross, Live To Ride or just very stylish and shiny. When buying a horn cover make sure it will fit over your existing horn – most of our horn covers indicate the Make of motorcycle they will fit and all include the size. If the horn cover is for a Harley-Davidson, it will replace the standard “cowbell” design cover and secures with mounting bolts at the rear. Please note these Harley horn covers are only suitable for models where the horn is located at the side, not when horn is mounted on front of the frame. Horn covers for Japanese bikes are usually sized so they squeeze over the top of the existing horn, with no additional mounting bolts.

Please note this page is for horn covers only. If you require a complete horn assembly visit the Horns section.