Horns, horns, horns - big ones, small ones, smooth, grooved, old fashioned or just plain noisy, we've got a wide selection of the finest quality horns around. If you are planning on buying a replacement or custom horn, there are two main considerations – what will fit in the available space and what will tie into the overall look of your bike as a stylish finishing touch.

If you are going for a retro or old school look, then you can’t get more traditional than a honk yourself bulb horn. This horn is also suitable for vintage bikes that do not have a horn fitted, but need an audible warning device to pass their MOT. The chrome Retro Old School horn is a perfect reproduction of the early style electric horn fitted to Harley-Davidsons, with a heavy duty construction and very popular for chopper/bobber projects. All horns are suitable for the 12 volt electrical system found on modern motorbikes. A 6 volt version of the early style Harley horn is available on request. If your existing horn is working okay but looking a bit scruffy and could do with a makeover, then visit our Custom Horn Covers section for ways to instantly refresh.