Exhaust Wrap

Insulating exhaust wrap can be used for both cosmetic and practical purposes. It will give your ride a cool road-race or café racer look, plus less heat is radiated out from the pipes, keeping gases hotter which improves exhaust flow and performance. Exhaust wrap does NOT contain asbestos.

How does wrapping exhaust headers increase horsepower? Wrapping the headers maintains exhaust gas heat within the header. This translates into more exhaust flow due to maintaining exhaust temperatures as it flows out of the engine. By improving the scavenging of spent gases, the engine breathes more efficiently. This reduces contamination of gases, thus allowing the engine to develop more power. How much exhaust wrap will I need? 44 inches of wrap are required per foot of 2” diameter pipe, therefore a 2” wide roll will wrap approximately 13 feet of pipe and a 1" wide roll will wrap approximately 6.5 feet of exhaust pipe. Most exhaust wrap does not need to be wet when you apply it. To help protect the wrap from liquids and abrasions use a protective spray coating. The coating will also help keep the color of the black and copper wrap. All exhaust wrap will turn a gray colour over time.