Lenses, Bulbs, Relays

Unfortunately stone chips, hidden bollards or minor accidents can cause a taillight or turn signal/indicator lens to become cracked or broken. Often these can easily be replaced, so don't throw away a perfectly good light - repair it instead. We sell a variety of lenses for rear brake lights including Maltese Cross (Gothic Cross), Cat Eye, Sparto and Bullet taillights, but can also supply replacement lens for many OEM original lights fitted to your motorcycle – please email us the details. Alternatively you can also use the different coloured bullet light lenses to customize your bike/trike’s lighting, although as a rule remember white lens for forward facing lights, red lens for rear lights and amber lens for indicators/turn signals.

Likewise most fused or broken bulbs can be replaced. We recommend removing the original bulb first to ensure you replace on a like for like basis – single and dual filament bulbs have different pin positions to avoid you incorrectly fitting the wrong bulb. Single contact (function) bulbs have parallel pins, whereas dual contact (function) bulbs have offset pins.