Mounting Brackets

Getting the right mounting position for additional lights and spotlights, whether these are to be mounted to your forks, highway bars or beneath the headlight, can be a challenge. Once you’ve figured out where you want to mount them, you need to work out how to secure them safely in position. Specific mounting brackets for your motorcycle make and model will make this really easy, as these are designed to fix to existing mounting points or holes. But you don’t just want something that is functional, you also want a mounting bracket that is stylish and in keeping with the new lighting.

For something like a side mount headlight, choose fork brackets that are the same diameter as the forks on your bike, usually available in a chrome or black finish. There is also a bracket for securing a bottom mount headlight. For spotlights to be fitted to a highway bar or engine guard, three piece clamps are a cheap and versatile option available in many sizes from 22mm, 25mm, 32mm and up to 38mm in diameter. And Kuryakyn P-Clamps are a great solution for mounting turn signal or bullet lights to forks. Lighting bars including ones by Pro One can make adding new lights easy.