Lighting is a key area on your motorcycle – not only is it essential “to see and be seen” it is an easy area to customise and start making the bike your own. Whether you want to upgrade to LED lighting and LED turn signals/indicators; combine these together using 2-in-1 combination rear lights or add wattage to your front end, there are many options for customising your motorbike’s lighting. Some things to remember are that if you are changing to LED lights for the first time, you will need to fit a relay or inline resistors. Relays are manufacturer specific, depending on how many wires the original lighting relay has, so double check before you order. Likewise if changing your rear taillight this will almost certainly come with both a brake (stop) lamp and tail light, but may not have a licence (number) plate light. In addition, unless it is specified as a replacement taillight for a particular model, it may not have the same footprint as your existing OEM factory fitted rear light, so beware of random holes and visible marks in your paintwork.

Getting the right mounting position for additional lights and spotlights, whether these are to be mounted to your forks, highway bars or beneath the headlight, can be a challenge. Once you’ve figured out where you want to mount them, you need to work out how to secure them safely in position,which is where our range of light and spotlight mounting brackets can help. When it comes to changing your lights sometimes the hardest part is deciding what shape of light to go for. Although most headlights are round, it is possible to get triangle, rectangle, wave, cone shape or even gothic iron cross head lights. Likewise there is a wide choice of chrome, black and even copper spotlights in a variety of shapes. Measure the available space, checking depth as well as width and height, as this will often dictate the spot light chosen. While there are other alternative marker lights, bullet lights remain the clear favourite for motorcycles/trikes. However there are many different combinations of bullet lights: short stem or long stem, with an amber, red or clear lens and with or without zeppelin rocket wings on the casing. Finally, don’t forget good lighting maintenance - broken bulbs or cracked lenses can easily be replaced, so don't throw away a perfectly good light - repair it instead.