When it comes to motorcycle luggage, there is a multitude of different luggage options. Saddlebags, sissybar bags, magnetic tank bags, audio/map/mobile telephone pouches, hard panniers, cases, rack bags, handlebar bags, tool rolls, helmet/top box, windshield bags, fender bags… the list is almost endless. To help you choose we have put together a quick guide to the main types, so click for our"Guide to Choosing Motorcycle Luggage for more information.

Deciding on the type of luggage is only the start. You should also consider what size will fit your bike, how to mount the bags, what features are important and styling: leather versus TEK synthetic leather which is usually easier to maintain; plain or studded, straps, flames or conchos and colour (black, brown or camouflage). You will also need to decide whether to choose bags specifically designed for the exact measurements of your bike, or universal fit bags. Universal bags are suitable to be installed on most bikes, but will require adjustment or modifications to fit your motorcycle exactly. They tend to be lower in cost, widely available and offer a broader range of styling and feature options, but may take increased installation effort. Specific fit bags tend to be more expensive and have less choice of styles and features, but will fit exactly. Because there are so many choices, we’ve produced a second guide to ensure the correct fitment of your luggage.