Rear Taillights

A taillight is a combined brake (stop) and rear tail light. It may also include a licence plate light but not always. Combination LED taillights are increasingly popular which have a brake light, rear light and indicators all as one unit. The brake light or stop lamp illuminates with an intense brightness and in the UK must have a red lens. The rear tail light or running light is linked to the bike’s lighting system so that it illuminates whenever the headlight is activated. Most motorcycle taillights have a dual filament which means they act as a dual function light, housing the brake (stop) and rear tail light.

When buying a custom taillight you can choose between traditional bulb lamps or LED rear lights which have a brighter, more intense light. If fitting LED lights for the first time you may need to fit in-line resistors or a relay to avoid them flashing too quickly. In general it is recommended not to mix LED and traditional lights as the look of LED lighting is quite different from standard lighting and this can throw off the overall look of your bike.