Saddlebag Supports

Saddlebag supports are used to keep throw over saddlebags and saddlebag sets away from your swingarm, wheel and other moving parts. When combined with saddlebag clips they allow bags to be attached securely to the support, so they won't flap or fall off when on a ride. Although universal luggage brackets are available, saddlebag supports are usually specific to the make and model of your motorcycle. This means that the brackets are designed to bolt onto the existing holes on the fender struts making adding luggage supports as simple and painless as possible. While some specific fit saddlebags will include the relevant support brackets, custom and universal luggage will require the installer to purchase the installation kit and bags separately and may require some engineering and adaptation by the installer.

In addition, many motorcycles require saddlebag supports to hold the saddlebags off the shock absorber. Two alternatives are to either purchase short bags that fit behind the shock, or choose saddlebags with a cut out or clearance built in for the shocks. Some saddlebag supports (but not all) have a quick release system built in, which will allow you to easily remove the side brackets when not required. Choose a saddlebag support that will fit your motorcycle and has the features that you desire.