Seat Springs + Brackets

Solo seat springs and brackets are a vital part of the overall look of your motorcycle. Whether you're going for an old school chopper/bobber retro look or a sleek, modern finish, the springs will set this off. There’s a wide choice of seat spring types including scissor springs (also known as torsion springs), barrel springs, cylinder springs or full seat shock absorbers. See our Guide to Mounting Solo Seats for a review of the different options.

Seat brackets allow for easy mounting, with a choice of weld-on or bolt-on mounts. As the names suggest, you can choose to weld the seat brackets and mounting points in position or use a clamp-style bracket for these. Regardless of whether you choose to weld or bolt on your solo seat, we encourage you to use a hinged mount for the front seat mounting bracket as this will ensure easy access to parts and wiring located underneath the seat.