Side, Bullet Lights

There are other alternative marker lights, but bullet lights remain the clear favourite for motorcycles/trikes. However there are many different combinations of bullet lights: short stem or long stem, with an amber, red or clear lens and with or without zeppelin rocket wings on the casing. You can also choose between single or double filament - use a dual filament light if you would like a combined brake (stop) and rear taillight. Increasingly these days you can get powder coated black bullet lights as well as the classic chrome finish, and many are also now available with an E-mark lens. All the bullet lights we sell have a metal casing (beware of cheap plastic imitations) and represent remarkable value for money. As a general rule use a clear or white lens for forward facing lights, red lens for rear lights and amber lens for indicators/turn signals.

Powercaps are a great solution for additional lighting. Although tiny, powerful LEDs give an intense light and while not recommended as the main indicator or rear light they can really enhance the overall lighting, particularly on a trike.