Solo Seats

Solo seat, saddle, single seater, solo chair, one person, rider seat - many different names, all designed for when you're riding on your own. Large or small, fat or low profile, black, brown, red or white, we've got a good selection with many more available to order. When choosing a solo seat, one of the first decisions is whether to choose a seat specifically designed for the make and model (and year) of your motorbike or to pick a universal fit seat. If you are trying to create a chopper/bobber retro look, then a universal solo seat is usually fine, although you may need to create or order a seat pan cover to hide the battery and wiring underneath. You will also need to figure out mounting points and how to secure the seat – see our Seat Springs & Brackets section for help mounting your solo seat. We offer solo seats made by Biltwell, La Rosa, West Eagle, Le Pera and Highway Hawk, as well as many custom single seats with embroidered or embossed inlaid designs in a variety of colours.

If you are looking for a rider and pillion combination or 2 up seat, then the easy option is to fit a seat made for your motorcycle model. Many seats can be upgraded to include saddle gel to improve comfort on long road trips and offer a choice of finishes, for example, studded or plain. Some companies also offer driver backrests. Le Pera, Corbin, Saddlemen, Mustang and Danny Gray are the main aftermarket seat and saddle suppliers and we have included links to their websites below. Just find the motorcycle seat of your dreams, then call us with the part number for a quote.
Custom and Exotic Seats for Harleys by LePera
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