Whether you are looking for a traditional Bates spotlight or a more modern cone style, there is plenty of variety when it comes to spotlights. Additional lighting can be wired so that it is on permanently as supplementary driving lights, or linked to the high-low beam function of your headlight. Front spotlights can be mounted to almost any suitable surface where there is space, including forks, handlebars, frame, highway and engine bars. Or you can use a spotlight mounting bracket for your motorcycle make and model which is designed to fix to existing mounting points or holes. There is a wide choice of chrome, black and even copper spot lights. Most have a bottom mounting stud but clamp on spotlights are available. Some lights are priced for a single individual spotlight, while other spots are sold in pairs.

Choose your favourite then combine with one of spotlight mounting bars or individual light brackets which can be clamped to any suitable surface. Just check your diameters before ordering.